South Coast cult leader William 'Little Pebble' Kamm fails to have supervision order lifted

William Kamm addresses the camera in a recent message posted online.
William Kamm addresses the camera in a recent message posted online.

South Coast cult leader and convicted sex offender William Kamm will remain banned from the Nowra area and subject to electronic monitoring until at least 2021, after his bid to shrug off a supervision order failed in the Supreme Court. 

Kamm, more often known as the Little Pebble, has been subject to a high risk sex offender extended supervision order since January, but challenged this on constitutional and other grounds in a May hearing.

Earlier this month the Supreme Court dismissed his appeal. 

Under the terms of the five-year order, Kamm must wear electronic monitoring equipment as directed by Corrective Services NSW. 

If directed, he must also provide a weekly plan of his movements and give 24 hours advance notice of any changes. He also has a 10pm curfew, must surrender his passport and must not go to any residence where females under the age of 17 ordinarily reside, or have contact with females under the age of 17.

William Kamm in 2000.

William Kamm in 2000.

He is prohibited from living in the Nowra area and his communication devices are also restricted and subject to searches. 

Kamm was sentenced to a maximum total prison sentence of 15 years, six months for having sex with two 15-year-old girls under his authority in the mid-1990s

Both girls were residents of a religious community he created at Cambewarra, near Nowra, in line with his claims to be a visionary in regular communication with the Virgin Mary. 

He prophesied there would be a new holy era when he would have 12 queens and 72 princesses, who would assist in bringing forth his children in an immaculate race.

He was released on parole on November 14, 2014. He was married the following month and has been living with his wife in a Sydney unit. 

Kamm, 67, continues to present himself as The Little Pebble and preaches via his website, where he calls himself William Costellia. He claims continuing visions.

Recently, in a July 4 address to Donald Trump, shared to Youtube, Kamm tells the US president that “Jesus is very pleased with you”, and encourages him to invade North Korea. 

“I have an idea for you concerning the Wall — between your country and Mexico which will cost you much less than what you have already planned,” he added. “Use electronic laser towers. Beams that make up the Wall with stations so many kilometres apart, and drones to monitor the Wall.”

The court heard Kamm had been assessed as having a paraphilic disorder, centred upon deviant sexual arousal, and narcissistic personality disorder.

A September 2015 psychological risk assessment report found “there is a high likelihood of further serious sexual offending should the appellant be released into the community without supervision”. 

The extended order was made in part due to Kamm’s role as a “charismatic and mesmerising figure” – attributes that gave him access to under-age victims, the court noted.