Letters to the editor August 19 2017

ON CLOUD NINE: Orange skies from Vincenzo the Barber. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
ON CLOUD NINE: Orange skies from Vincenzo the Barber. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


As a theatre tragic and old Arcadian actor/director of yesteryear, I went along to Arco's opening night of Wicked at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre on Friday night.

I rocked on back again on Sunday morning with the grandchildren in tow.  I never see anything twice, but I am now considering the possibility of a third time.

It was wonderful. Well beyond all my expectations and certainly the best show that the Arcadians have done.

The entire show was conceived and executed with such love, expertise, talent and sheer hard-knuckle dedication on the part of everyone involved.

The cast were magnificent, as was the music, lighting, sound, movement of both characters and mobile set.

Here was evidence of multiple hours of painstaking hard slog on behalf of the entire production team. Truly a collaborative effort producing the highest possible result.

I find it difficult to single out individuals as the show was so well cast and each talented member gave of their fullest. They were all brilliant. Dressed to perfection. I would urge you to see this show. Don't miss out.

Heather Pulsford, Mt Pleasant


If Malcolm Turnbull wants to win the next election he better think seriously of ditching Peter Dutton.

He reminds one of a Gestapo Officer and has as much charisma and charm as a cane toad.

Why are police personnel indoctrinated at their training school to act with arrogant disdain towards their paymasters, the general public.

There has to be a complete change of attitude by these public servants.

Karlis Matuzelis, Bulli


Housing was once long ago a basic need and a human right but now its transferred into a financial commodity with smug little real estate agents creating their own wealth.

Unlike our parent’s generation the Australian dream of a human dwelling is getting further out of reach.

What with rising prices and a record low growth Australia has ever seen in years, throw in penalty rate cuts, it’s just impossible unless you’re one of the lucky ones.

As I pen this, when it rains a friend of mine strategically places two pots on the carpet where the water drips through the ceiling.

When notified the landlord is not interested because soon that house will be knocked down to make way for apartments and my friend on the street and all those decisions are made from remote boardrooms with little consideration of the outcome.

It only seemed like yesterday in 1991 you could buy a house for $80,000.

That is now half a deposit. Not bad if you worked underground in the mines.

It comes back to Scott Morrison’s budget back in may this year - no consideration for low income workers or aspiring property buyers its practically impossible.

Matty Ryan, Fairy Meadow


With reference to E10 fuel, when I purchased a second-hand 1997 Toyota Corolla I started to use E10 because as the NRMA says you can fill your tank for less so according to them I save money.

One time instead I filled with 95 and found I got some extra mileage out of my tank.

So I checked with the Toyota Dealer at Sutherland what happens if I use 98.

I was told I would have no problems, 98 will keep the motor cleaner.

I swapped over and although I pay a bit extra each tank I am getting between 80–100 kilometres extra travel per tank so this means I do not have to fill up as much so I am saving because of fuel economy. Is there someone out there that says I am paying extra using 98?                                                 

Richard  Cannan, Warilla


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