Warilla woman accused of dealing ice from her NSW Housing home

A Warilla woman has faced court charged with 106 drug supply offences after an eight month investigation in which police allegedly uncovered more than 28,000 text messages and phone calls relating to drug deals.

Tamara Willstrop was in tears for most of the court proceedings but threw her head into her hands and wailed loudly upon learning she would not be granted bail.

Police allege the 29-year-old was a mid-level supplier who carried out daily ice deals from her NSW Housing home in Johnston Street house between December last year and August this year.

Court documents said police carrying out covert surveillance of the house saw approximately 100 customers come and go from the home during the same period.

It is alleged Willstrop made upwards of $20,000 from the deals, which involved at least 70 grams of ice.

Officers swooped on the house on Monday morning, seizing cash, ice and drug paraphernalia, including a ledger of sales while carrying out a search warrant.

Police will allege the cash is the proceeds of Willstrop’s criminal activity.

Officers also found a homemade taser at the scene, the court documents said.

In court on Thursday, defence lawyer David Ryan said Willstrop could live with her parents if granted bail and would abide by strict conditions including daily reporting to police and a nighttime curfew.

He said her father would agree to forfeit $2000 if Willstrop failed to front court.

Police opposed the application, noting Willstrop had previous drug charges on her record and said they feared she may commit more offences if released.

In refusing bail, Magistrate Michael Stoddart described the case against Willstrop as strong.

“The allegations is that she was supplying drugs on a daily basis, to a large number of people,” he said.

“It’s my view if she’s convicted she will receive a lengthy custodial term.”

Willstrop will receive treatment of anxiety and depression while behind bars.