Alleged Woonona shooter Gregory Scott to spend Christmas behind bars

A Primbee man accused of firing a gun at a woman in Woonona less than half an hour after pulling the same weapon on a man at Cringila has been refused court bail for a second time.

Police allege Gregory Scott pulled up outside the Cringila address in a silver Mitsubishi SUV on the evening of November 9 and asked a male occupant if a mutual acquaintance of theirs was the house.

When the man said he hadn’t seen the person in a month, Scott allegedly pulled out a shortened bolt action rifle from under the driver’s seat and threatened him with “one on the head”.

The victim ran back into the house and Scott drove off.

It is alleged he headed straight to a house in Woonona, accompanied by two other men, one of whom was armed with a knife and wearing a Halloween mask.

The trio confronted a group of four people sitting in the backyard, asking the whereabouts of another acquaintance.

It is alleged Scott pulled the gun from his pants and pointed it at the group multiple times, prompting one of the women to grab hold of the barrel and try to wrestle it from Scott.

She was eventually forced to let go, allegedly prompting Scott and the other two assailants to run towards their vehicle.

It is alleged Scott stopped briefly in front of the house, turned and fired the gun in the woman’s direction before the trio fled in the SUV.

Both matters were reported to police and Scott was arrested on Friday evening.

He was refused bail on Saturday and remanded in custody over the weekend before fronting court again on Tuesday, where a second bail application was also unsuccessful. 

The case returns to court in January.