Seek the favour of God and people

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We are all familiar with the “star in the east” hovering over the humble nativity scene at Bethlehem. Angels sang the inspiring chorus, “Glory to God in the highest, and peace to people of goodwill”. The Star shone over Jesus and drew the Magi to travel a long distance to worship this new-born king who ushered in a new beginning and new opportunities for all people.

At Lumen Christi Parishes, Wollongong, we love the Christmas spirit. We promote families coming together and, gifting to loved ones and the needy alike. We promote the Christmas cheer: the singing of carols, the family gatherings under the Christmas tree, the feasting and the remembering. In short, we love preparing for and celebrating Christmas.

However, at Lumen Christi Parishes, we are all about the celebrating in worship “the light of Christ” at Christmas. We come together to acknowledge that we are one human family and that in the birth of Jesus at Bethlehem, all of us have the opportunity “to live life to the full” (John 10:10) because God has given us the greatest gift possible: a life in which we are drawn to Him.

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Just as the child-Jesus was born and “grew in favour with God and people” (Luke 2: 52), so are we called to live our lives – always seeking the favour of God and people. Christmas at the Cathedral reminds us that our context is much greater than our humanity. The Christ-Child in the manger is the Light in the darkness (1John 1:5). Only He can make sense of where I find myself at this particular time in my life.

At Christ’s Mass (Christmas) we pray and sing in full voice that “God is great” and only He can bring true joy to the world. Come join us to welcome the light of Christ into the world!

Fr Ron Peters, Dean of the Cathedral, Lumen Christi Catholic Parishes, Wollongong.