John Galaxidis charged with contravening apprehended violence order against ex-girlfriend

A Wollongong man banned from contacting his ex-girlfriend amid allegations he was controlling and abusive during their 18-month relationship has faced court accused of breaching the apprehended violence order between them.

Police allege John Galaxidis turned up at the woman’s Keiraville unit three times on December 27, repeatedly knocking on her windows and door and calling out.

She pleaded with him to leave on two occasions then pretended she wasn’t home on his third visit and when he eventually left, she went to her mother’s house.

She claims she saw Galaxidis again later that night while out with her new boyfriend at the Berkeley Sports Club and that he approached her and said “I've come to pay you a visit”.

Galaxidis was arrested on Monday and faced court on Tuesday. His lawyer, Sue Kloss, said Galaxidis admitted “inadvertently” running into the woman at the club but denied speaking to her and said he left the location as soon as he saw her.

Court documents reveal the victim told police that prior to the pair’s relationship ending in early 2017, Galaxidis had been controlling and possessive of her.

It is alleged Galaxidis grabbed her by the hair and slapped her face on January 11, 2017 after an argument about her spending New Year’s Eve with her friends.

She told police Galaxidis repeatedly intimidated her during the next few months by calling her and leaving threatening voicemail messages and at one stage, gained entry to her house while she was at her, causing her to lock herself in the bathroom out of fear.

He was arrested in August and the AVO put in place.

In court on Tuesday, Galaxidis was released on strict conditional bail to live at an address in Sydney.