Man jailed for assault on officers, police dog at Koonawarra

 Zlatanovic (left, as he appeared in 2015) and a picture of his injured arm following his April 9, 2015 arrest.
Zlatanovic (left, as he appeared in 2015) and a picture of his injured arm following his April 9, 2015 arrest.

A Port Kembla man will spend at least 13 months in prison for his assault on four officers and a police dog named Chyna. 

David Dragomir Dragan Zlatanovic denies he did anything wrong during the chaotic efforts to bring him under arrest at the Koonawarra home of his ex-partner in April 2015, instead claiming himself a victim of police brutality in Wollongong Local Court earlier this week. 

Returning to court Friday afternoon, he was convicted of nine charges linked to the melee, including a charge of animal cruelty. 

“The police who attended … were entitled to arrest the defendant. They were simply doing their job on the day in question,” Magistrate Cate Follent said.

“They are entitled to go about their work without being subjected to the type of gratuitous violence to which they were exposed due to [Zlatanovic’s] actions.” 

Zlatanovic was wanted on warrants and was defying an apprehended violence order when police confronted him at the Wyndarra Way address the night of April 9, 2015.

Four officers gave evidence he concealed his hands for a prolonged period before brandishing a timber paling as a weapon and throwing objects including a DVD player at them. 

He was hit with OC spray and taser barbs, to little effect, according to police evidence. He then grabbed the muzzle of the dog Chyna, pulled her towards him and attempt to gouge her eyes, only releasing the animal after her handler delivered several hammer-style strikes to his head.  

The already imprisoned Zlatanovic, 49, heard the magistrate’s decision via video link on Friday. 

In contrast to his colourful court appearance on Monday, he was silent throughout, and did not react to the sentence. 

He was sentenced to a total prison term of 18 months, with a non-parole period of 13 months. He would become eligible for parole from March 8, 2019, but is expected to be serving further prison time for unrelated offences.