Small steps to undo festive damage

Before you go making those life-changing resolutions, slow down - and think "mini makeover" instead.

More than three-quarters of people who give up on their resolutions are doomed to fail because they try to make over-ambitious changes, according to research by Britain's University of Hertfordshire.

But if you plan smaller, specific changes - to say, your bathroom cabinet - you're likely to achieve a much higher success rate.

Undo the damage of a festive fashion and beauty hangover. Whether it's one or two, tick off these commandments for a stylish 2013.

Don't collect pointless potions. If 2012 was the year of the BB (beauty balm) cream, get set for CC (colour corrector) creams in 2013. Downsize your product haul with multitasking products for a simpler skincare routine.

"Nowadays, with all the hybrid make-up that combines skincare and colour, you don't have to layer your skin with numerous products," make-up artist Jemma Kidd says.

"If you make addressing redness and uneven skin tone, your main aim, you can't go far wrong."

Don't be unkind to your skin. Give your skin back its sparkle for the new year. Make a clean start by always ensuring that your head hits the pillow with a freshly scrubbed face.

"Cleansing the skin is super-important to clear away impurities such as dead skin cells and dirt from the day, which can dull the complexion," says celebrity facialist Nichola Joss.

"Use a deep-cleansing product to remove debris from the skin, and massage in using fingertips in a circular motion. Spritz with a facial mist to re-balance your skin."

Don't neglect your eyes. The skin surrounding your eyes is the thinnest e on your face, meaning wrinkles appear faster than anywhere else. Eliminate tell-tale signs by using an anti-ageing eye cream daily.

"Use your ring finger for applying eye creams, as this has the lightest touch and is least likely to pull the skin," advises Josephine Fairley, co-author of the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible.

"Starting at the inner corner, dot the cream from just below your lashes to the outer corner of your orbital bone, patting it on to the skin. Do the same above the eye."

Don't make unrealistic detox resolutions. Extreme plans for wheatgrass shots, combined with twice-daily gym visits means that you're likely to fall off the detox wagon in no time. Aim for a skin-transforming resolution that doesn't inflict any suffering.

"Three minutes a day body brushing will change your skin," editorial director Newby Hands says.

"Work from the feet upwards, always brushing towards the heart, and work gently to target the lymphatic system for smoother limbs and softer skin. Do this daily and you'll see the difference in just two weeks." AAP


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