Autumn make-up brings 'sexy' back

Make-up guru Napoleon Perdis gives model Miranda Kerr the "moody, broody sexpot" look.
Make-up guru Napoleon Perdis gives model Miranda Kerr the "moody, broody sexpot" look.

Napoleon Perdis has one word to describe the autumn look for make-up: "sexy."

The words "smouldering", "moody" and "broody" also pepper his conversation.

The Aussie make-up guru has returned to a richer, deeper colour palette this season, he says.

"This season's look is going to be sexy. It's inspired by my Year of the Water Snake palette: the snake is sexy, it slithers, it's moody - there's a strength to the eyes," he says.

At the recent David Jones Autumn/Winter parade, Perdis did the make-up for the show's star model Miranda Kerr.

"We went stronger on the eye this season, and since her hair was pulled back, it really made her features stand out," he says.

Her lips were also strong, with a Bordeaux red and a touch of ceramic colour - smudged a bit, says Perdis, not perfectly put on.

"Very effortless, very Milan 1970s," says Perdis.

While Kerr's look was "moody, broody sexpot" to make her stand out, other models, including Samantha Harris and Jessica Gomes, were given a tonal chic "Bambi" look, Perdis explains.

Although not all of us have Kerr's budget or looks, the good news for women is that creating a new look for the next season is not nearly as expensive as buying a whole new wardrobe.

"You only need to do a couple of things," Perdis says.

"You can do a lipstick and a mascara update and you are completely changing your look.

"If you put on a different colour lipstick - a full intense lipstick - it's actually more of a change than a change of outfit."

Perdis says women can be more dramatic with make-up than in the hot summer months.

"You can be what I call 'European moody' - you can have more strength and more control - where summer is more light, fresh and gorgeous."

When it comes to eyes, Perdis has created two modern yet wearable eye statements for autumn: a one-dimensional metallic in shades of grey and a deep emerald, and a tonal neutral with punch.

"The one commonality is in the depth of the fusing and blending for each eye look. I'm calling it the '2013 smoky eye'. It's not about precision but more about sheer washes of colour across the whole lid to create an intensity and moody intrigue.

"It's a little bit broody, definitely sexy and perfect for the new season ahead," he says.

Cheeks are softly contoured, skin is fresh and clean, lips are neutral.

Another big tip from Perdis is the lash.

"Add a lash, even if you do nothing else, a fake lash, and you will look fab. Fluttery will get you everywhere."

Perdis says woman need to embrace the power of make-up.

"A woman always needs to mark her territory - with a lip, with sexiness, with control. A woman is really now an embassy of marking her territory and strength." 



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