VIDEO: Unusual sight in night sky

Source: The Murray Valley Standard

IT is not a plane or a planet so what is the unidentified flying object captured on video by a Karoonda resident?

This is a question no one has been able to answer despite questions posed to the military and those involved in air traffic control of South Australia's skies.

Karoonda resident Don Anderson said he was intrigued by a bright light hanging in the Karoonda sky every night for a week, but could not believe his luck when the object came within range so that he could capture it on camera.

"It was a bright light north-east by east of Karoonda," he said.

"I am a bit of an astronomer and this is no plane or helicopter or planet or satellite.

"It does these very quick movements but was sitting quite stationary in the sky when I caught it on camera."

Mr Anderson said the object appeared closer between April 8 and 10 and he finally got his closest shot at about 10.30pm on Tuesday evening, April 9.

He said he had just finished filming the distant light and was heading inside to put what he had captured on the computer when his wife started yelling that the light was getting brighter.

"I thought it must mean it was getting closer - and it was," he said.

"From what I know of my camera I would assume the object I captured was 30-foot wide and I would estimate about 10 kilometres away.

"A lass at Wynarka has similar photos taken about a month ago but from a distance a bit further away."

Mr Anderson said he was open-minded and curious to find out what he witnessed from his home within the Karoonda township.

"I do believe in UFOs but I don't think there is little green men in there necessarily," he said.

"I wouldn't be fully convinced it was something from another planet unless one got out and walked around."

An Airservice Australia spokeswoman said the area around Karoonda was surrounded by uncontrolled airspace not monitored by air traffic control.

"There is nothing in our system to show activity in that area but looking at our charts it is outside of the controlled air space and there are a few restricted zones around that area," she said.

"South Australia does have a lot of military activity."

The Department of Defence does have current activities taking place at the defence firing range just outside of Murray Bridge with live firing peformed both day and night, but there was nothing to suggest the testing of night flight vehicles - that they were willing to admit to anyway.

Photo: Gerhard A. E. Uhlhorn/Flickr

Photo: Gerhard A. E. Uhlhorn/Flickr

Night lights: Karoonda Resident Don Anderson has captured an unusual object hanging in the night skies of Karoonda on video.

Night lights: Karoonda Resident Don Anderson has captured an unusual object hanging in the night skies of Karoonda on video.

The Department looked into the matter after being contacted by The Murray Valley Standard and a spokesperson said there were no reports of activity from the three branches of the military.