Ukraine crisis: latest headlines

As Ukraine tension flares, Russia test-fires ballistic missile

Russia said it had successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday, with tensions already high over its seizure of control in Crimea and its threat to send more forces into neighbouring Ukraine.

Citing 'coup' by radicals in Ukraine, Putin reserves right to use force

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his first comments since the crisis in Ukraine boiled over, said on Tuesday that he saw no reason for Russia's army to intervene in eastern Ukraine at the moment, but left open the possibility of military action, saying that Russia "reserves the right to use all means at our disposal to protect" Russian speakers in the country's south and east if they are in danger.

John Kerry offers Ukraine $US1B in loan guarantees

In a demonstration of support for Ukraine's fledgling government, US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived here Tuesday with an offer of $US1 billion in US loan guarantees and pledges of technical assistance, a senior State Department official said on Tuesday.

Crimean officials claim Ukrainian military units are surrendering to pro-Russian forces

The prime minister of Crimea, the autonomous Ukrainian republic seized by Russian military forces, said on Tuesday that a majority of Ukrainian military units on the peninsula had surrendered and pledged allegiance to his pro-Russian government, and that local officials were working to speed up a referendum on independence.


Russia has test-fired a Topol nuclear-capable missile. Picture: Reuters

Russia has test-fired a Topol nuclear-capable missile. Picture: Reuters