A cappuccino is not a slurry of milk, the same used for a latte or flat white

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: One is a flat white, the other is a cappuccino. Picture: Desiree Savage
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: One is a flat white, the other is a cappuccino. Picture: Desiree Savage


There are numerous great coffee houses across the Illawarra, but why can’t I find a decent cappuccino?

I struggle to even find one in Sydney!

Personally, I prefer flat whites but I’m often left searching for a cap for either my partner or colleagues.

I’m a trained barista who spent a number of years in Melbourne where even toddlers know the aroma of freshly ground beans.

If you’ve been to Europe you’ll also note the stark difference in coffees.

A cappuccino is not a flat white with a bit of chocolate sprinkled on top.

It is not a milky slurry of a wanna-be latte with a sprinkle of chocolate.

A true cappuccino is one part coffee (be it one shot, two or three if you’re game), one part hot milk and one part milk foam.

Where is the foam? Why do Illawarra baristas forget the foam.

Foam is different to crema (or heated milk that thickens), they have different textures.

I know I’ll probably start a war with this column but seriously coffee makers, you can’t just put a generic sloppy coffee in different cups or glasses and try to pass it off as five different products.

If anyone knows of a café that serves a true cappuccino please tell me, as I may revert back from my boring flat whites.

Once upon a time I did enjoy a decent cap – when they were available.

I only drink flat whites now because for some stupid reason they’re made exactly the same as a latte, a cappuccino (minus the chocolate), a mocha (minus the chocolate) and a macchiato.

Meantime, burnt coffee and burnt milk are other culprits that frequent different cafes but are luckily not as frequent as the lack of frothy foam.

Why has the Illawarra let its coffee standards slip? I am frothing over lack of froth and this is definitely milk worth crying over.

Know where to get a good coffee? Write it in the comments or email desiree.savage@fairfaxmedia.com.au 

Quick barista lesson. Picture: Latte Art Guide

Quick barista lesson. Picture: Latte Art Guide


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