Todd Carney wins support from Dragons' Dugan

Josh Dugan at the NSW Blues State of Origin team announcement at Bankstown Sports Club Tuesday. Picture: GETTY IMAGES
Josh Dugan at the NSW Blues State of Origin team announcement at Bankstown Sports Club Tuesday. Picture: GETTY IMAGES


Josh Dugan insists he's not surprised the first person to post the Todd Carney urinal photo was the same person who he engaged in a Twitter war with last year.

Dugan cost himself a $2 million contract with the Broncos after telling Mark Miler to "end himself' after what he believes was a series of taunts from disgruntled Raiders fans after he was sacked by the club.

"I wasn't aware it was him, but to be honest it doesn't surprise me," Dugan said about Miler.

While Miler didn't take the photo, it's understood he was the first person to post it on social media.

Dugan, who sympathises with Carney, took aim at Miller on Twitter in March last year, retaliating to a barrage of abuse from Raiders fans on social media.

"haha righto Marky Mark: go get another Raiders Tattoo then end yourself," Dugan posted on Twitter last year.

"Your mrs is hot too by the way haha you obviously don't read the news more the fool you haha your a joke. All my tats put together are better than your one rubbish one plus your bad head. Should call you don bradman ya batting well above average with her. Send her my way ill show her the time of her life."

Dugan since got his life back on track at St George Illawarra but insists it's easy to get caught up in the wrong crowd when you're living the lifestyle of a footballer.

"It's just a practical joke gone wrong," Dugan said.

"I do feel for Toddy. He's not a bad bloke he's just made a few bad choices, and I've been there so I can definitely sympathise.

"I was younger than him but I trained full-time with him and sort of looked after me while I was there at Canberra.

"He maybe hung out with the wrong people. It happened to me a couple of times in Canberra and I paid the price for it. But you live and you learn," he said. NSW skipper Paul Gallen, who said it was "harsh" for Carney to be sacked, wasn't aware of Carney's contractual agreements or his prior offences.

"The decision is out of my hands, it's a very hard position that I'm in," Gallen said.

"I've got a lot of loyalty towards Todd but also a lot of loyalty towards the club. I'm not privileged to all the information about Todd's contract and what has happened in the past ...

"From all reports and everything that was told to us players yesterday, the club was left with little choice and the NRL would have come over the top anyway. That is basically what I got out of the meeting yesterday."

Gallen said his main concern was the welfare of his friend.

"The world is going to keep moving on and Todd has to as well," Gallen said.

"We want to make sure he does that in the right way and he gets his life sorted out - that Todd Carney as a person is OK. That's the most important thing to me and the rest of the boys at the club.

"The thing about Todd Carney, no matter what people think of him or how they judge him by what's happened or what has happened in the past, he's a really, really good person."


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