Sneak peek at Southern Stars extravaganza: photos

Southern Stars lift-out

The biggest musical extravaganza in Southern NSW, Southern Stars, is back this year with the theme of #we believe 2014.

The show brings together about 2800 students from 92 schools and includes an inspiring and energetic mix of outstanding dancers, vocalists, musicians, actors and acrobats.

Most of all, the show highlights the unlimited talents and excellence in performance and creativity being nurtured in our public schools. 

Just as academically gifted students and students with sporting talents are given ample opportunities to compete and excel, Southern Stars gives those with a leaning towards the creative arts the chance to shine.

Together this year, these students will create two hours of musical nirvana – a kaleidoscope of colour, sound and movement with mass dance numbers and intimate solos, taking patrons on a moving and joyful ride.

#webelieve2014 is about a child’s journey through to adulthood, believing in magic and fantasy in the early years, believing in themselves, and through education believing in a better world. 

#webelieve2014 is an exploration of the development of our belief systems throughout life, the things we care about, and value as individuals, as a community, a global society and as humanity.

The show is divided into three segments and each investigates a different aspect of believing, starting with childhood then working through the turbulent teenage years through to adulthood.

The segment on childhood is a beautiful and colourful exploration of themes such as magic, fairy tales, fantasy, Christmas, heroes and growing up.

A highlight is a number from the musical Matilda entitled When I Grow Up, which is a delightful and joyful account of growing up as told through the eyes of young children.

 The show then moves through the teenage years and takes a slightly darker turn as it explores themes such as rebellion, doubt and uncertainty. 

#webelieve2014 concludes with a broader examination of the things we as people believe in including themes such as social justice, standing together and of course, love.

The end result is four outstanding performances, not to mention the skills gained, friendships made, and dreams created by students involved in the show.

Performances of Southern Stars #webelieve2014 will be held today at 10am (school’s performance) and 7.30pm and two performances tomorrow at 2pm and 7.30pm.

Tickets are available for Friday night, Saturday matinee and Saturday night through Ticketmaster ( and are priced at $48 (adult), $38 (pensioner and student over 12), $27 (student/child under 12) and $140 (family pass).

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