Men face trial over Janceski shooting

Murder victim Darko Janceski.
Murder victim Darko Janceski.

A long-time friend of Darko Janceski has recounted the terror of spotting a man wielding a sawn-off firearm, just seconds after his mate was shot outside his parents' Berkeley home.

Nikola Trajkovski told Wollongong Local Court yesterday he heard a "bang" before he saw a "black guy" holding a sawn-off shotgun.

"I wasn't going to keep on looking at him ... I shit myself; he was holding a shotty," he said.

"I'd never seen him before and he was too far away ... I wasn't going to talk to him."

Mr Trajkovski's claims came during committal proceedings for Glen Robert Wilson, 35, and Jason Lee Wellins, 37, who are accused of shooting Mr Janceski in the leg, less than three months before he was gunned down in an unrelated incident.

Mr Trajkovski yesterday denied naming the pair as the perpetrators to police, stating he had told detectives he never saw them at the scene.

He said claims he told police he had seen Mr Janceski talking to Wellins and Wilson in a white car, minutes before Wilson allegedly produced a shotgun had been "fabricated".

Mr Trajkovski told the court he and Mr Janceski had been working on a car in the Barnes Street garage when Mr Janceski went out to the front of the house.

Soon after, Mr Trajkovski also wandered outside when he suddenly heard a "bang" and rushed back towards the house.

He then jumped over a fence and used a neighbour's phone to call triple-0 before he raced to the footpath, where he found Mr Janceski curled up with blood pouring from his leg.

Mr Trajkovski said he had visited Mr Janceski in hospital a few days later and the pair had spoken about the shooting. He conceded their version of events had differed but said he could not remember Mr Janceski say: "I saw him pull it out, I was talking to Wellins."

Mr Trajkovski admitted to knowing both Wellins and Wilson but denied having any contact with the pair since the shooting.

Magistrate Doug Dick ordered the pair, who have both pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, to stand trial and adjourned the matter to November 27.