Woman assaulted by jealous ex, court told

A jealous ex-boyfriend assaulted his former partner when he caught her with another man, shoving her into a fish tank before smashing a pot plant on her balcony, Wollongong Local Court has heard.

Blago Najdovski is accused of leaving his ex-girlfriend with extensive bruises after he repeatedly pushed her, warning: "You're lucky I don't kill you ...", the court heard yesterday.

Police claim the Wollongong man barged into the woman's unit about 3am on Wednesday to find her with another man.

It is alleged Najdovski quickly stood over the man, yelling: "What are you doing with my girl?"

When the man said he didn't think the woman was Najdovski's "girl", the accused started throwing punches, the court was told.

The woman then allegedly started yelling at Najdovski, screaming: "Stop it, I'm not your girl 'cause you said I wasn't."

Police claim Najdovski, 39, threatened to kill her before he pushed her into a nearby fish tank.

When the woman tried to protect the other man, Najdovski allegedly grabbed her and shoved her towards a glass door.

The woman fell to the ground, receiving extensive bruising to her arm, the court heard.

The man managed to flee the unit with Najdovski in hot pursuit.

About 10 minutes passed before Najdovski returned to the woman's unit and started banging on the front door.

When she refused to let him, Najdovski allegedly went to the woman's balcony and smashed a pot plant.

He then unsuccessfully tried to remove a screen door, yelling: "Well, f--- you ... you watch out, I'm gonna get you hurt. Just watch yourself," when it wouldn't come off.

Najdovski later allegedly told police the woman had attended his unit and was "going off at him".

He pleaded not guilty yesterday to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and damaging property.

Prosecutor Sergeant Pavlin opposed Najdovski's bail, noting the alleged victim had suffered significant injuries.

Solicitor Angela Melouney, representing Najdovski, told the court there were issues with the charges, claiming it was "unlikely" the woman had suffered bruising in such a short period of time.

Ms Melouney said Najdovski could report to police, provide a surety and would agree to stay away from his former lover.

Magistrate Doug Dick refused bail and adjourned the matter.