Man killed, passenger trapped, in Unanderra road crash

A man has died and his passenger has remained trapped in the wreckage of a car for more than two hours, following a road crash at Unanderra, Thursday night. 

The men were travelling in  black Nissan Skyline that t-boned a blue Hyundai i30 at speed on Farmborough Road, near the Waples Road roundabout, about 7.50 pm. 

As the Mercury went to press, a large number of Fire and Rescue NSW personnel were working to free a rear seat passenger. 

Crews used the jaws of life multiple times in their efforts to reach him. Meantime, a rescue chopper landed nearby, expected to collect him.

Another two males, also passengers in the the Skyline, were transported to hospital by road ambulance. 

A witness to the aftermath of the crash said the driver of the Hyundai crawled from the wreckage. The extent of that driver’s injuries, and those of his passenger, a 15-year-old boy, are unknown. 

The Mercury understands the deceased man was driving the Skyline when it came unstuck off the roundabout. 

A large crowd of bystanders looked on as the rescue continued into the night.

A witness to the immediate aftermath of the crash, Haylie Staff, was among those who came to the aid of the injured. 

She was travelling behind the Hyundai with her partner and four-year-old daughter when the accident occurred. 

“By the time we come around the [Princes Highway] traffic lights, this black car was sliding across the road to where it is now,” she said. 

“The driver [of the Hyundai] was crawling to the gutter, he was very disorientated. His son was still in the car.”

Good Samaritans were joined by an off-duty paramedic. Together they checked on the injured and helped most of them out of their cars, Ms Staff said. 

“The [Skyline] driver was already unconscious. His passenger was unconscious, but another gentleman here brought him around,” she said. 

“The bloke behind him in the back, got him out too. 

“But we couldn't do much for the driver. He passed away, pretty much straight away.” 

“I was trying yo keep the one that’s trapped now, calm. He was very, very scared, screaming to hurry up and get him out.” 

A chopper carrying the most seriously injured of the Skyline passengers departed Unanderra about 10.30pm, bound for St George Hospital.