This weekend, thousands of volunteers across Australia will assist in The Salvation Army’s major fundraiser of the year, The Red Shield Appeal. Among these volunteers are a group of young athletes from the Illawarra Academy of Sport.

The Illawarra Academy of Sport provides young, talented athletes with quality training and elevated opportunities, assisting them to excel through sport. 

John Armstrong, CEO of the Illawarra Academy of Sport, explained that the community generously supports the IAS, and it is therefore important for the young athletes of the sporting academy to ‘give back’.

The Illawarra Academy of Sport will assist the Salvation Army this weekend by providing young athletes to manage a collection bucket at Woolworths in Wollongong. Mr Armstrong described this as “an excellent opportunity to give back to the community”.

The Salvos say the need for funds has never been more desperate. Powerful statistics show in a typical week The Salvation Army provides 100,000 meals for the hungry, 2,000 beds for the homeless, distributes up to 8,000 food vouchers and provides refuge for 500 victims of abuse.

The Salvation Army’s Community Fundraising & Public Relations coordinator, Ms Karen Walker adds, “We are truly thankful for the support of The Illawarra Academy of Sport and we would like to thank the athletes for giving up their time to assist us raise funds to help those who are struggling within the Illawarra Community.”

This year’s national fundraising goal for the Red Shield Appeal door knock is $8 million.