Officer's child threatened, court told

Conan Briscoe can't remember threatening to slit the throat of a police officer's daughter with a razor blade.

And he can't recall telling another Wollongong constable that he would bash him, then follow him around and spy on him in his home.

The 39-year-old itinerant cook yesterday tried to assure a judge he held no grudge against the officers who arrested him for drink-driving and he would not recognise them in the street.

But intoxication to the level of 0.123 could not justify Briscoe's actions, Judge Paul Conlon said yesterday.

People could drink that amount and more, and still, "they wouldn't have it in them", he said.

Briscoe fronted Wollongong District Court yesterday to appeal the severity of his six-month jail sentence.

Judge Conlon said if anything, Briscoe had been treated leniently when sentenced to concurrent jail terms for two counts of intimidating police and one count of failing to submit to a breath analysis test.

He dismissed Briscoe's appeal, finding it had no merit.

Briscoe, in Wollongong to attend a funeral on October 26, was stopped in Fairy Meadow at 11.20pm for a random breath test.

Police noted he smelt "strongly of intoxicating liquor" and after he returned a positive breath test he was placed in the rear of a police vehicle.

"At this time the accused has taken a completely different turn," police wrote in their report to the court.

He refused to get out of the vehicle and had to be forcibly removed, the tendered statement said.

Back at Wollongong station he told one officer: "I'm gonna follow you ... I'm gonna slit your daughter's throat ... when you let me out I'll slit her throat using a razor blade. Then you'll have to prove it was me. You don't think I'll do it do ya?"

Police said he went on, to say: "If I'm over the limit I'm gonna slit your daughter's throat to teach you a lesson. Monday morning when they go to school I'm gonna slit your daughter's throat."

When Briscoe was led from the dock into the breath-testing room he "tried to headbutt" an officer, refused to provide a breath test and then launched into more threats, the court heard.

"You've got two choices, either take my blood or I'm gonna turn you into a spastic," he said, threatening to bash the officer until he needed hospital treatment for head injuries.

"I'm gonna follow you around and spy on you at your house," the man said next, according to the police statement.

Briscoe, who had convictions in four states, had very little memory of his encounter with police and was very remorseful. He was "extremely disgusted" in his own behaviour, the court heard.

A 39-year-old man can't remember threatening to cut the throat of a police officer's daughter.

A 39-year-old man can't remember threatening to cut the throat of a police officer's daughter.