Coledale tiger snake picked up by Shire-based experts

Andrew Melrose and snake

Andrew Melrose and snake

A feisty reptile kept snake catcher Andrew Melrose on his toes In Coledale on Thursday.

The tiger snake, one of the most venomous snakes in the world, had been spotted by a resident a few days earlier and she wanted it removed.

The Engadine-based Shire Snake Catchers, Andrew Melrose and Lara Matthews, searched and found the snake, which then put up a bit of a struggle when Mr Melrose pulled it out.

But as the video Ms Matthews shared shows, he had a bit of a stumble on a loose rock with snake in hand.

“I had it under control from distance so I could keep it away,” he said.

“It could have gone very, very wrong if I was suddenly vulnerable (after tripping).”

Mr Melrose said the snakes weren’t aggressive – they just get defensive when picked up by the tail.

“All snakes left alone won’t endanger people,” he said.

Mr Melrose said with the warmer weather, he was getting many more reports of snakes out and about.

He estimated he has been called out to two or three snake jobs each day, across Sydney and the Illawarra.