Illawarra Mercury Letters, January 9

Centrelink not the demon 

The Turnbull Government razor gang are actually going about sabotaging the Centerlink Welfare System in a very deliberate cold and calculating way.

The object is to create an atmosphere of inneficiency and persecution in the eyes of the Australian People, and then sack all of its hard working employees and bring in Contractors to further cripple the Welfare System.

The trick is to wait until a large number of staff are away on holidays, and then dump thousands of Immediate Demand notices on the poor and downtrodden, and sit back and wait for the carefully orchistrated outcome.

No Organization in its right mind would deliberately boot up a computer system with the sole purpose in mind of a deliberate mass attack on the helpless.

The Social Service Minister is doing what the Coalition Government wants. Reduction of Welfare Expenditure at all costs.

But the 50 billion handout to big business goes ahead as planned. Centerlink is not the demon it is being made out to be.

Dave Cox, Corrimal

Always on the rise

With the most significant component in the cost of living being the price of fuel; when will our government move to establish a royal commission into why the cost of fuel at the pump continues to escalate?

With the oil companies announcing an intention to increase the cost of fuel by another 30 cents per litre from next week, the need to investigate why this is so, is blindingly obvious!

On his record, the venerable Dyson Heydon would be an ideal choice to be put in charge of a royal commission into fuel prices.

With Dyson at the helm, such a royal commission could be relied upon to deliver a speedy finding.

No doubt a finding within which, at least some of the blame for the constant escalation in fuel prices at the pump, would be the continuing existence of the CFMEU membership.

Barry Swan, Balgownie

Hot summer: Picture: Caroline Armitage. Send your pics to

Hot summer: Picture: Caroline Armitage. Send your pics to

Silent generation attack

With Australia’s “silent generation” continuously accused of being a hindrance to the nation becoming a utopian economic power house; the Silent Generation would be entitled to wonder what form of attack will come next?

Possibly, some Canberra based bureaucrat in the future will convince a compliant federal government to adopt the story line of the 1970’s sci-fi movie “Soylent Green”?

Soylent Green in practice could rid the nation of the perceived problem of having too many of the “Silent Generation” and in time, “Baby Boomers”.

The movie Soylent Green for those too young to have seen it; is set in the year 2022.

Its plot revolves on a shortage of resources both consumables and financial.

In order to reduce demand on resources, elderly citizens were processed into edible green coloured wafers.

Apart from the human flesh component, the green wafers consisted of soya beans and seaweed.

These wafers were known as Soylent Green and used to sustain the remaining population.

Too far-fetched for reality you may say.

If so, think back to what was proposed in the 2014 Horror Budget and introduced with the recent reduction in aged pension payments!

Barry Swan, Balgownie

No-one else to blame 

I have lived in Nowra all my life and I was very offended by the program on ABC ‘The End of the Line’. 

Nowra didn’t cause these people to become addicted to drugs, it was their choice. 

If they hate Nowra so much, why don’t they do what Mr Abood (producer) did and relocate? 

M.Russell, Shoalhaven Heads