Illawarra Mercury Letters to the Editor, April 17, 2017

Figures a reality check 

The latest Roy Morgan Research figures of estimated unemployment in Australia in February are out, and with a clear majority of Australians agreeing that the Roy Morgan figures are much closer to reality than the underfunded ABS figure.

Unemployment came in at 9.4 per cent while 2.39 million people (17.9 per cent of the workforce) are either unemployed or underemployed these people want to work or work more hours than they are getting in order to survive.

The ABS figure of unemployed in February was 5.9 per cent which is hardly believable given the plight of job seekers, but the ABS figure makes the LNP Turnbull government look better than it really is, one only need ask a job seeker how difficult finding a full time job really is.

Renowned historian Geoffrey Blainey correctly identified the real problem facing the Australian economy in 2017 – the absurd measurement (ABS) means the true level of ‘real’ unemployment and under employment is not known.

The conservative government cuts have really hurt the ABS and the majority of Australians no longer believe the figures that they produce.

The frightful state of both unemployment and underemployment currently in Australia is a realistic product of extreme conservative policies that have created a multitude of personal disasters for everyday Australians, and must be stopped.

Shaun Newman, Deeragun

Moving eyes worth looking at

Anyone who has had cataracts removed with new implants installed would be grateful for this sight saving operation.

However, after the first procedure on my right eye where I involuntarily moved my right leg in a semi drugged state you’d have thought the left eye procedure would have gone a tad smoother.

But no, I crossed my legs turning my head sharply to the right with that procedure also.

The ophthalmic surgeon even blamed me for moving, saying we never tie patients down.

There may well be others perhaps too many who have experienced similar permanent blind spots, after moving during this operation.

And if you love reading it can be a problem.

Why there can’t be more care taken steadying the head and thus one’s eyes is hard to fathom. Reading is something we all enjoy more as we age.

Brian Johnson, Gymea

Easily frightening by fairytales

Contrary to general belief, due to either economic ignorance or deceitful politicians and bankers, Australia can never become like Greece.

Australia is a monetary sovereign, it is the monopoly owner and issuer of its own fiat currency (non convertible into gold or any other commodity) and has no financial constraints whatsoever.

The Australian Federal Government can honour all of its financial commitments whenever they fall due in its own currency. They can never go broke.

This does not apply to Local or State Governments who rely on funding from the Federal Government.

It certainly does not apply to Greece who foolishly signed away their monetary sovereignty when they joined the European Union.

Greece relies on funding from a Central European Bank.

American economist Abba Lerner once stated that people are “easily frightened by fairy tales of terrible consequences” when new ideas are presented.

The sense of fright is driven by a lack of education that leaves people unable to comprehend how the economy actually operates.                

Don Kelly. Kanahooka.

Setting sun: The view at Murramarang Resort by Suzanne Naumovski. Send pictures to or post to Facebook.

Setting sun: The view at Murramarang Resort by Suzanne Naumovski. Send pictures to or post to Facebook.