Illawarra Mercury Letters to the Editor, May 13, 2017

Give elderly a voice  

The recent news story of a Figtree nursing home failing in its care for the elderly residents (Illawarra Mercury, Wed 3rd May) is a view of only the tip of a growing iceberg."

The concerns [which were] identified [in relation to the care of its residents] are in relation to clinical care, spacialised nursing care, medication management, skin care and behavioural management" leads to the question, does the nursing home have sufficient numbers of nurses  for the number of residents and does it have registered nurses on duty twenty four seven?

These two problems seem to be a large and endemic problem across the nursing home sector and seriously affect the quality of nursing home care.

Our NSW Liberal government has joined state Labor governments by reducing the requirements for nursing homes to have registered nurses on duty.

Nursing organisations have spoke of the downward spiral of the quality of care and the Seniors United Party has supported them in protests outside the NSW state parliament.

Another report from the Shoalhaven tells of a 150 bed nursing home where nurses are so over work they ask when do they have time to wash the residents.

At least one mother suffering dementia is being removed by her family to another nursing home, but the situation shows that  both Labor and Liberal governments are supporting profits before care and supporting the profit making of multinational companies over their responsibility of looking after the elderly of this nation.

And what is worse, many have to sell their homes as well as give up most of their pension to receive inadequate care.

Sadly many elderly are unable to stand up for themselves, and their families do not know where to turn to make complaints if they are game too.

This is where they need to contact the Aged Care Complaints Commission on 1800 550 552. They can also receive help from the National Aged Care Advocacy Line 1800 700 600 where they can receive advocacy services. An advocate assists people making a complaint and is a free and confidential service.

Some of our seniors who were born overseas still have difficulties with our language and interpreting services can be gained by phoning 131 450 and asking to transfer to 1800 550 552, families. Alternatively families can take their complaints to their local Federal members to give the members a reality check.

Bob Patrech

Royal princess: Picture by Margaret Johnston. Send us your photos to or post to our Facebook page.

Royal princess: Picture by Margaret Johnston. Send us your photos to or post to our Facebook page.

Voting itself out

The Liberal Party's is going a very good job in voting itself out of office.

How else can its inept performance be explained. It is 'aping' Labor's stupid renewables target where no action is required, and introducing its own water-down version of Labor's Gonski.

Methinks The Liberal's once highly calibrated political antennae has lost its 'appetite' for sound and pragmatic policy.

Their political judgement is also flawed if it thinks that borrowing more money - rather than urgently addressing the crippling national debt - will assist them into another three years in office. All indicators point to a 2018 landslide, but not the one the Liberal's will be hoping for.

D J Preece, Balgownie

Feeling lucky

On the afternoon 6/5 my wife and I went to the Church on the Mall, where the Illawarra Choral Society presented Faure”s Requiem.

The choir was excellent, and the soloist world class.

While there I thought ”you got to love this city”

For several hours I sat there in total peace and bliss, and I forgot all about North Korea , the Budget and other worries. I feel lucky just to live here in the Gong.

John Pronk BM, Wollongong