Why a Wollongong public relations consultancy is going global

Business partnership: Trajan Scientific & Medical chief executive Stephen Tomisich with LBPR founder and managing director Lisa Burling.
Business partnership: Trajan Scientific & Medical chief executive Stephen Tomisich with LBPR founder and managing director Lisa Burling.

Wollongong businesswoman Lisa Burling has bucked the usual PR consultancy investor model and decided to undertake a partnership with Trajan Scientific & Medical.

The decision is based on shared values Ms Burling has developed with Trajan chief executive officer Stephen Tomisich and their common desire to impact human wellbeing globally.

“LBPR now has a global presence which is VERY exciting,” Ms Burling said.

Mr Tomisich has been a client of LBPR for some time and the 2016 Illawarra Women In Business businesswoman of the year spoke of his role as a mentor at a recent Inspiring Rare Birds networking event at the Novotel Wollongong Northbeach.

Trajan’s investment in the PR consultancy was made because it recognised the Wollongong based business does work around Australia and the world.

LBPR has a presence in all major cities along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, and internationally in the UK, Europe, US, and Asia.

Mr Tomisich said Trajan’s core vision is the personalisation of science and to see people empowered, through personalised scientific information, to care for their own wellbeing.

“LBPR brings to the Trajan group the public communications skills needed to deliver the right messages, the valuable content, that is required to achieve that vision,” Mr Tomisich said.

“However, our alignment with Lisa Burling and LBPR is about more than that. LBPR’s award-winning track record speaks for itself and we admire the terrific campaigns and initiatives completed by Lisa and her team; from supporting healthcare and wellbeing-related clients through to helping younger people pursue careers in PR via their impressive global first student consultancy initiative, Catalyst.”

Mr Burling said with over 20 years of PR experience, most of it in the UK and Europe, the next step for her personally was to not only take LBPR global but do it an innovative and thoughtfully disruptive way.

“We envisage a future where “Public” relations will be more about “People” relations. Personalised, inter-connected messaging and sharing that helps individuals and organisations truly achieve their  business goals through the power of human connection,” she said.

“The decision to partner with Trajan marks the start of a journey that will see us work together to transform the way companies communicate with their audiences. To truly impact human wellbeing, we need to heed the learnings of today, but look firmly to the future and the enormous opportunities ahead. I know Stephen joins me in recognising this is an exciting time for Trajan, LBPR and the broader industries in which we operate.”