Letters to the Editor October 14 2017

ROOM WITH A VIEW: Hello possums by Christine Supple. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post on our Facebook page.
ROOM WITH A VIEW: Hello possums by Christine Supple. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post on our Facebook page.


If you think our rail system is going to get better think again. The NSW government has just confirmed that it intends to flog off the operation of the state’s entire public transport networks to private corporation.

Transport minister Andrew Constance, a man knot known for his compassion, has just proudly declared all public transport will be privatized in 0-15 years time.

This man Andrew Constance also wants to introduce driverless trains and then gleefully predicting after automation no employees will operate trains or buses.

This will do nothing but be a catastrophe to all passengers. This man’s primary focus is funding new ways to sack people and we all know the privatization agenda is influenced by the government’s support for big property developers and its preference for roads rather than trains.

Things are really looking really grim again with this shower of a government privatizing our island.

Matty Ryan, Fairy Meadow


Replying to Mr Devlin’s letter (Illawarra Mercury, October 3, 2017), Mr Devlin must have misread my letter. Firstly, I’m not an activist. Secondly, there’s no mention of Communism or Stalinism.

I stated facts: ”The driest September since records began,” Seven News and “2016 the warmest on record,” NASA.

Unprecedented multiple cyclones and hurricanes, to paraphrase James Belanger’s same article.

The Atlantic was already ahead of “average” in terms of named storms.

Hurricane Irma encountered abnormally high levels of heat stored by the ocean and sea surface, bringing it to record-setting strength and “the 2017 hurricane season has been super active,” Phil Klotzbach, meteorologist, CSU.

The South Pacific had two category four cyclones in 2017, Debbie and Donna. Donna reaching New Zealand as a tropical storm. Unprecedented.

The IPoCC doesn’t carry out its own research. Its last report was in 2014.

As I stated, it is power companies closing the “subsidised” coal power stations. Government subsidised solar and batteries on every home.

They already subsidise solar panels. Not ideology, just logical, cheaper power. Apologies for the Greens? It’s their democratic right to appear on any political program, as with the far Right, be it on the ABC or SKY TV.

Dave Schmidt, Towradgi


In response to the page 21 article from Los Angeles "Party at end for original playboy" (Illawarra Mercury, Friday September 29, 2017), the sad reality is that Hugh Hefner built his fame and fortune on the exploitation and harm he did to women, children, families and marriages.

Hefner in his own words claimed "I have slept with a thousand women" yet, fails to mention the multiple adulterous affairs he had during the marriages to his first, second and third wives.

So being faithful, true and committed meant nothing to him. Which tells you something?

Hefner was a destroyer of innocence, of youth and of the unborn child while demonstrated many times his disrespect for the law.

According to Hefner his whole drive was to make pornography acceptable and approved.

In her memoirs, Hefner's ex-girlfriend Holly Madison said while living at the mansion the girls had to have sex with Hefner, it was an unsaid requirement, a price that must be paid for fancy food, expensive clothes and potentially career-building introductions to celebrities and influential people. Many of the bunnies equated life in the Playboy Mansion to being in prison.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow