Letters, November 13: No voters become victims?

Homophobia can be vicious

One of the more bizarre aspects of the same- sex marriage postal survey is how many supporters of the 'No' vote have positioned themselves as the victims in the debate.

What a view: Sunrise from Mercury reader Artthur Booth's balcony. Send us your picture to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

What a view: Sunrise from Mercury reader Artthur Booth's balcony. Send us your picture to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

Bob Patrech, in his latest letter (October 9) doesn’t buck the trend when he accuses me of bullying by calling him a homophobe. I did no such thing.

I wrote,as a generalisation, mentioning no one in particular, that "Apart from the inevitable blatant homophobia and cruel jibes from a minority of the population you will more-than-likely find that same-sex families deal with the joys and tribulations of everyday life much the same as traditional families”.

By responding in the way he did, it appears that Mr Patrech placed himself into that minority.

Not me.

Talking of homophobia, I'm unsure if everyone fully understands what homophobia is.

Homophobia can be cruel and vicious.

It can use fists and boots and ugly words to show it's superiority but there's also a more insidious side to homophobia.

It can wear a smiley face as it patronises, condescends and even loves (as in “love the sinner, not the sin).

It discriminates (as in “despite your admirable credentials,excellent qualifications and impeccable grooming, you're not quite what we're looking for).

It quotes the bible as the ultimate judge of morals and values and it disowns loved ones and tears families apart.

I shudder at the thought of how much homophobia will be reflected in the upcoming battle for amendments to the same-sex marriage bill.

Max Fischer, Scarborough

Unfair criticism

It didn't take long for the ulta-right to come out of the woodwork to criticise the funding of a Labor MP to travel the country to inform and explain the processes it would put in place to achieve a Republic with an Australian Head of State. 

To call this process undemocratic is a joke.

To me giving people information, which they can accept or reject, is part of the democratic process.      

Mr Benwell (Aust Monarchist League Mercury November 7) must have a short memory.

It was his mob that spent $122 M on the same sex marriage survey which could have been resolved one way or the other by a parliamentary vote.

I have friends from many cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

They ask why do we have a foreign flag on the Australian flag and why do we have a foreign head of state.

They love this country and accept this is how it is. However, they don't understand it.   

Ken Bone, Conjola Park

Cane toads spotted in Shoalhaven?

With five politicians living in the Shoalhaven (none of them Labour) one would have thought we would be the North Shore of the south Coast but instead millions upon millions of dollars are spent and wasted in Sydney.

Here we get political fake news about a 24/7 Police Station and new Ambulance Station in the Bay and Basin yet still nothing has started.

Nothing about getting the same rail service as Kiama and still no fracture clinic at Shoalhaven Hospital (at least with the Berry Bypass patients will get to Wollongong fracture Clinic quicker).

These politicians have a lot to answer for like why government services are cutback and being sold off.

What is next with the Fake News, Cane toads spotted in the Shoalhaven?

Wal Bourke, Sanctuary Point