Letters to the editor December 22 2017

Cut the rubbish 

Dear Editor, concerning your recent appeal to avoid littering, take our rubbish home and hopefully reduce the impact of litter left by visitors in the region, mention should be made of a hot-spot which is a serious problem in Port Kembla.

Gold: An Autumn sunrise in North Wollongong, captured by Paddy. Send us yoiur photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au.

Gold: An Autumn sunrise in North Wollongong, captured by Paddy. Send us yoiur photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au.

The parking area overlooking the inner harbour ( west of the maritime headquarters) is constantly covered in rubbish.

People park to eat in their cars and admire the amazing sites of the harbour, then drop food containers, coffee cups, drink bottles and nappies out of their car windows.

Fishermen leave their left-over bait, lines and plastic bags as well as the remains from their family picnics.

There are no bins in this area. Ranger patrols would help.  The rubbish blows into the harbour where it is carried around in the current to be deposited on Port Kembla beach.

Both industry and council should be alert to this issue and take action to clean up the sight, as well as install bins.

Kate Broadfoot, Bulli

Eleven days in the post

Thank you Australia Post for taking ELEVEN days to transport a letter from Thirroul to Wollongong! On December 7 I posted two letters to the IMB regarding their share buyback scheme. The cut off date for participating was December 11.

On December 19 those two letters arrived at the IMB along with nearly FIFTY other letters, all postmarked December 7 or earlier. As a result I will not be allowed to participate in the buyback scheme, as a result I will miss out on several thousand dollars of tax free income this year.

We are a retired couple, my wife and I rely on income from our SMSF. Due to the total incompetence of Australia Post I will now have to draw down on my capital. Not happy doesn't even come close to describe the way I feel!

Alyn Vincent, Thirroul

Religious tactic of fear?

Once again we have the  humorous and regular incantations from Adrian Devlin quoting his Jesus and God figures that have no known validity from a book that is full of disproven myths.

With religion seen by many psychologists as the ultimate infantile neurosis (who would believe in the unproven and unbelievable?)

Devlin uses the religious tactic of fear and repression by berating a politician with afterlife seclusion from the pearly gates.  He obviously uses the 11th commandment of blind subservience. So typical of Catholicism. When you can produce God, Jesus and all the other biblical nonsense is true Adrian Devlin then and only then can you instruct others. As for the present your assertions are fanciful, mythological and down right lying fallacies. To quote from a book of mass murder  as a source of inspiration is condemnable!

Max Perram, Wollongong

Ecological wart

The loss of once beautiful Calderwood to become a ecological and visual wart on the environment is a terrible shame that should have never been allowed to occur. The asbestos nightmare is the nail in the coffin for what should have been beautiful pasture and the pure waters of the Macquarie Rivulet preserved for future generations.

Greg Mitchell, Wollongong

Buses take different route

Bus operations in Newcastle, Sydney and Illawarra operate differently to John Macleod’s Berry, Nowra. In the above areas the Buses are Government Buses leased by the Operators, all fares collected go to the Government. The Government pays operators to operate the routes and covers costs.

Bus Operators no longer own these routes and are subject to tendering at various times. A good example was Busways in Campbelltown, Camden and Wollongong. It lost the Tender to Busabout.

Richard Cannan, Warilla