Letters to the editor December 28 2017

Lunch time: Wollongong Central by Anita Pallas. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
Lunch time: Wollongong Central by Anita Pallas. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


Might be a bad time of the year to pen this, but it's time for people who work hard and pay their taxes and obey the law to take the ruling class of society to task. There are royal families ripping their own country off whilst their subjects sleep in the streets.

There are prime ministers and other politicians banking their millions in overseas tax haven's to avoid paying taxes in the country they supposedly lead.

There are pop stars earning millions and whilst they’re asking you and me to donate our hard earned cash to their favorite charities.the same pop stars avoid paying taxes to their country of domicile.

There are multi national corporations, media organizations and oil companies squeezing every last cent out of the consumer who also pay no taxes even when they’re established in some of the poorest countries in the world.

The worst part is these royals, politicians and pop stars and multinationals look down on us, the plebs, as if we are idiots for doing the right thing. It's a shame that half the population live in abject poverty whilst other people have vacant properties which could be used for shelter.

Matty Ryan , Fairy Meadow 


To come to any rational conclusion as to whether an attack such as the recent one on pedestrians in Flinders Street, Melbourne, was an act of “terrorism” or not, requires that “terrorism” as such, be defined.  Could I modestly suggest a general definition that might help?

How about this: “Terrorism is behaviour aimed at creating fear amongst people, in the hope that the people being subjected to the `terrorism’ will submit to the wishes of those perpetrating that type of behaviour”.

It would also be helpful to further identify categories of “terrorism” based on the motivation of those involved in the terrorist act.  These subdivisions of terrorism could include, religious, political, criminal etc.

It is unhelpful that we in the West have come to assume that because of the particular historical events of the present time, “terrorism,” only means Islamic Terrorism.

“Terrorism” has existed and currently exists in many forms, and we need to recognise this in any discussion of this topic.  Define your terms.

John Martin, Woonona


It was a multicultural inheritance from the working class areas of England. It provided us with world class entertainment, reduced price drinks, a place to relax and have a cool drink on those stinking hot days and have a nice meal at reasonable prices. They have provided employment for hundreds of thousands of Australians for many decades and supported many community and sporting groups. They provide things like bowling greens at a price working people can afford. It is of course your local club which is a unique community asset whose profits were used the provide bigger and better resources for its members.

For years now they have been deemed a milking cow for short sighted greedy governments unable to manage budgets. Taxation on poker machines has reduced payouts to punters and revenue for clubs that subsidised facilities for members. The indexed taxation on drink prices reduce the amount of time people can afford to go out to their club, bar sales can no longer pay for the entertainment they provide free for members.  It has forced the closure of many hundreds of small friendly local clubs and put thousands of people out of a work. 

Now they are under threat from incompetent government policy on energy. They have started reducing air conditioning costs buy turning them off or the temperatures up, making it uncomfortable to relax. These problems have been compounded by club associations not combining and having a concerted attack on government policies that are putting them out of business.

Mick Hort, Barrack Heights   


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