Letters to the editor March 6 2018

MORNING GLORY: Huskisson at sunrise by Caroline Armitage. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page
MORNING GLORY: Huskisson at sunrise by Caroline Armitage. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page


Kevin Fell was spot on (Illawarra Mercury, March 1, 2018) with there being no need to have to choose between Sydney’s choking growth and immigration.

We wouldn’t need to choose between immigration, choking growth … or even one of the three major political parties if the one we did support performed as stated.

However, none of these parties have followed through on fast trains, airports or anything that that would have them commit such policy to a term of government.

In fact they rarely commit to policy at all unless cornered.

The billions of dollars of sold off infrastructure in NSW alone could have had a Sydney to Canberra very fast train up and running by now were it not for the dishonesty of big business and politicians.

A very fast train commitment before the next election?

Don’t hold your breath.

Brian Johnson, Gymea


At last count, the “things of stone and wood” vanity project in Crown Street Mall has cost Wollongong ratepayers in excess of $500,000.  

This has surely sealed the fate of a number of Wollongong councillors who voted for questionable art over sorely needed community services.

Pete Rainbird, Figtree


Possibly  the solution to the soulless atmosphere of Wollongong CBD and Port Kembla CBD has been hiding in plain sight?

Renovating the empty premises in both as accommodation for UOW students and UOW ancillary services; would breathe life back into the both CBDs.

For as matters currently stand in either, one could fire a cannon down their length with little fear of hitting anyone most days.

Imagine the possibilities for local businesses if both areas had a constant resident population of students and university staff.

Not only could this provide business with customers 24/7, it would also improve public safety in general.

UOW with the best interests of its student body in mind, would I believe, ensure police patrolling in both areas was supplemented by UOW security.

The reality of this region having to move from a society almost entirely dependent upon heavy industry has been evident for decades.

Moving toward academe for economic survival would seem to be a good start.

All my concept requires is money and, plenty of it.

Possibly we may have missed the “money boat” for concepts such as mine when we agreed to sell Port Kembla Harbour too cheaply?

Barry Swan, Balgownie


Michaelia Cash’s father was a Liberal politician and she grew up in a wealthy suburb in Perth with private schooling.

Imagine if she had Julie Bishop’s job as foreign affairs minister?

We would be at war within a week.

She has betrayed her gender with her repulsive comments in the Senate and I think it's a throw off so she can avoid how her staff tipped off the media late last year regarding the police raids on union offices.

Absolutely vile behavior and to think this was the minister for women not long ago.

Matty Ryan, Fairy Meadow


On March 12, 11 seniors from the Jettys Village will embark on a cruise to celebrate the year of their 80th birthday.

These travellers are called the 38ers (born in 1938). 

The cruise goes to Melbourne then Hobart and then Port Kembla – an experience not to be missed.

If we can do it so can others.

Mike Dobson, Primbee


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