Letters to the editor June 11 2018

SURFSIDE: Shellharbour north by Gerard Vaughan. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
SURFSIDE: Shellharbour north by Gerard Vaughan. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


How the tide has changed,.

Federal jobs minister Michaelia Cash is now claiming she is being bullied by the Labor Party.'

Senator i am sorry but you picked the fight against two officials who were only sticking up for workers who were getting rorted by a massive money making company.

How would you like it senator if, for the last two years you might know you might be going to prison for  speaking up?

I can tell you that is very distressing and also very hard on that person's family.

Your war against the working class is slowly and inexorably crashing before you.

Senator I am sorry to say that the majority of people know you have been the fall girl for the LNP and it's sad you don't even know it.

Matty Ryan, Fairy Meadow 


In Glen Humphries' article (June 5), he indicates that as Wyee (a 'Tiny' town) has a smaller population, it shouldn't have received funding for lift installations at its train station before Unanderra.

Local MPs, businesses and media organisations need to advocate for all areas of regional NSW - not just their own - in their desire for improved intercity infrastructure links.

Creating competition between regional areas for budgetary cash splashes is not the way to raise the profile of regional NSW as a whole in an effort to bring its issues front-and-centre.

We must stick together and support each others' regional cities in our desire for improved transport links.

Jeremy Boulton Mount Oousley


The world’s most knowledgeable authority on the effects of climate change on every living creature on our planet, is, without a doubt, Sir David Attenborough.

This eminent achiever has been granted access to every technology, country, and archive throughout the World to research every living species known to exist, and he has even found many new ones.

Sir David spares no words in his discovery and confirmation that climate change and global warming are the greatest threat to mankind.

On the other hand, frequent correspondent, Mr Adrian Devlin, continues to support Tony Abbott and the coal mining industry, who themselves, openly admit to having to take strict environment  precautions to avoid causing irreparable damage to our water supply.

The ownership and shareholders in the coal industry is a closely  guarded secret with share registers locked away from any sort of public perusal.

Mr Devlin, you are akin to a rock oyster who is unable to attach himself to a rock of fact and plain truth.

Dave Cox, Tarrawwanna


I am currently reading a great book, titled Straight Left written by Tom Uren.

Tom Uren was a great Australian, an ex POW, who served under “Weary Dunlop” and he served in our Parliament as a “Left” Labor Minister.

Tom was committed to the environment before it became fashionable.   

He was my hero.

A great man that looked after the returned soldiers, and he opposed the war in Vietnam.

Tom never lost touch with the ordinary people and he remained true to his ideals.

As I have been named in the past by others in these  opinion pages as a “Lefty”, and a “Laborite”, It was meant to be an insult, but I accepted those titles  as a proud badge of honour.

There are a lot of politicians in our current Government, that can only wish to have  half of Tom Uren’s outstanding principals.

John Pronk BM, Wollongong


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