Letters to the editor July 11 2018

COAST GUARD: North wollongong morning by Gregory Huang. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
COAST GUARD: North wollongong morning by Gregory Huang. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


In response to the page 21 article, ‘Hanson: Greens senator nasty’ (Illawarra Mercury, Saturday July 7, 2018), One Nation leader Pauline Hanson's attack on Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is not what it seems.

Sarah Hanson-Young of the Greens may be nasty as Pauline Hanson suggests, but if that is the case then she will expose herself.

Hanson's attack may suggest she is trying to do the right thing by the public and keep politicians focused on their jobs to serve the people.

However the real motivation is to get political traction which will translate into votes in the coming by-elections.

One Nation is a false conservative political organisation who are as morally corrupt as the Liberal-Nation Party, Labor and The Greens.

I absolutely dislike "pretenders" and there is nothing worse than "pretend conservatives."

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow  


Who is funding the Phillip Wilson defence team?

And to what extent will they and Wilson manipulate the system to protect the Church of Rome?

“The Sky is the limit” apparently.

Wilson having been found guilty of criminal acts and effectively “whipped with a feather” for those crimes has as expected, appealed the sentence on the basis of his ill health.

Clearly the Magistrate sitting alone in the Newcastle Magistrates Court would have been well aware of Wilson’s previous failed attempts to be suffering Alzheimers.

In finding Wilson guilty of criminality the Newcastle magistrate reinforced the position taken by the NSW Court of Appeal on that condition.

Yet once again Alzheimers forms part of another Wilson Appeal.

Clearly Wilson’s deep pocketed supporters and, the Church of Rome will simply continue to appeal this matter till the “the cows come home”.

Male pattern baldness and halitosis might even be trotted out as further grounds for an appeal.

Meanwhile, Wilson’s victims may be forced to settle for meagre amount of compensation for the misery his actions caused.

And we call that scenario “justice”?

Barry Swan Balgownie


The National Energy Guarantee is a hoax.

Josh Frydenberg promotes the (NEG) as a business-government enterprise set-up together with renewable energy experts as a cost reduction service for consumers.  

For all Josh Frydenberg’s, huffing and puffing, about the cost of electricity.

The truth is.

The price we pay for electricity is determined by power generators and retailers (auction) with state governments throwing in a few levies here and there.  

Oh, I forgot. There is federal government involvement – the Australian Energy Regulator.

Forget about the regulator – the regulator is a toothless tiger.

In February 2017, the AER approved electricity price rises of over 400 per cent—so much for regulation.

The other “furphy” climate change as a by-product to fossil fuel electricity generation.

What a farce.

Climate change – is a singular phenomenon – natural (cost-free) energy. Whether it be, solar, wind, thermal or hydro; unrestricted free power.

To sum up: the federal government’s National Energy Guarantee – is that.

A guarantee that allows private power companies dictate (on their terms) how much the consumer pay for the use of electricity.  

John Macleod, Berry