Illawarra storm brings lightning, hail, sleet ... and snow?

There were reports of snow in the Illawarra on Thursday as residents were treated to a strange and beautiful nightfall.

It started with a spectacular sunset that glowed yellow and orange over the escarpment, before a flash storm brought lightning, hail and sleet. 

Some residents were even convinced it had snowed. 

Photo: Adam McLean

Photo: Adam McLean

“It was snowing and sleeting out here (in Albion Park)”, Steve Caunt posted on the Mercury’s Facebook page.

A motorist passing through Dapto also reported light snowfall. 

“It wasn’t hard hail,” the driver said. 

“It was slushy when it hit the windscreen and when I drove on it it felt like snow.”

Photo: Sylvia Liber

Photo: Sylvia Liber

In Albion Park, Rose Attwood backed the snow theory.

“I was told it wasn’t hail but snow flurry. It didn’t bounce like hail, nor did it fall like sleet.”

Heather Murphy wrote on the Mercury’s Facebook page: “Definitely snow; it would of passed down from Bowral.”

Southern Highlanders got a surprise as a dusting of snow fell over Bowral on Thursday afternoon.