Letters to the editor September 11 2018


Blossoms by Margaret Johnson.

Blossoms by Margaret Johnson.

Viewers of the ABC program Q&A on September 3 were provided an unambiguous answer to the question: What is the difference between the ‘silent generation’ and the ‘millennium generation’?

2GB millionaire “shock jock” Alan Jones wearing the all pink colours popular to sectors of the silent generation, sat sulking and beady eyed on the Q&A panel.

His choice of target a Ms Elmira Whyte the ‘people’s panellist’, on the left.

Ms Whyte evidently unfazed by being on national television when answering questions directed toward her; clearly upset Alan Jones.

His usual petulant pout morphing into a derisive sneer his nostrils flaring and, with meaty jowls quivering he constantly and rudely interrupted Ms Whyte.

By contrast, Ms Whyte remained poised and articulate ignoring the attempts by Jones to ridicule and bully.

Ms Whyte’s common-sense responses hopefully provided an insight of what our great nation can expect with the ‘millennium generation’ governing.  

A future when generational change, will not be merely a reprise of moving the deck chairs on the RMS Titanic; as is the case with the Morrison government.

A future when the undue influence of tired old ideologues of the media has well and truly been consigned to the dust-bin of history.

Barry Swan, Balgownie


Woolworths are doing it again.

More attempts to limit jobs to young people seeking part time jobs to assist them into full time jobs elsewhere.

They are appealing to the selfish members of society who want to get in and out of the store without going through a checkout.

Members of society are already greedy, grubby and extremely selfish as it is.

Is it any wonder that hundreds of thousands of shoppers have gone to Aldi where they do employ a lot of young people.

Woolworths has lost the plot driven by greedy shareholders.

When will this madness stop.

Banks are shedding staff, so too are railways, Telstra and other large employers of young people and we wonder why young people are bored and get themselves into trouble.

The answer is in our hands: Stop this madness of self service and support companies that employ young people.

Alfred Green, Keiraville


In response to the article ‘Morrison looking into Liberal 'bully' claims’ (Illawarra Mercury, Wednesday September 5, 2018) what a load of rubbish.

Politics has been a rough and tumble game since Pontius Pilate was in nappies.

The whinging and cry baby attitude of some women in the Liberal Party has no relevance, but is being kept alive by sections of the media.

As the saying goes "If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen".

My advice to these immature adults is get some starch in your corset like former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher or go home.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow