Letters August 29 2018

Sea Cliff Bridge by Dean Charlton.
Sea Cliff Bridge by Dean Charlton.


Mr McGregor, another day at the footy and another ineffectual performance from a purported top four side, bound for the grand final, against a bunch of allegedly “2018 has beens” with nothing to play for but pride, commitment and  passion.

Given you openly declared “I have the team I want’, or words to this effect, methinks it’s time to reassess your training and selection methods, as nothing with your finger prints all over it is working. For a start what about examining where it all has gone wrong post origin.

Also introduce a few highly paid “stars” to the coach of the NSW Cup team. Then, promote youngsters Lomax, Kerr and Field to the NRL team. These three young men are our future and, need immediate NRL blooding.

Those running around for us in the Parramatta and Canterbury games really need to assess whether they can ‘cut the mustard’ or who are considered surplus to our requirements. By the way, it is also about time the board looked at a coaching director to oversight your organisation. I hear Wayne Bennett has a ‘soft spot’ for the Dragons (and a Dragons Premiership), and would not be out of place in a coaching supervisory/director’s role. 

D J Preece, Wollongong 


I am constantly amazed that on ultra right wing politician’s Facebook pages there are endless people saying how Muslims are taking over Australia.

Over the last few years I have asked several hundred of them the same question: “Given that the Australian Muslim population is steady at 2.6 per cent and given that considering all possible growth factors it MAY reach 6 per cent by the end of this century in 2100, how exactly do these right wing people imagine that 6 per cent  of the population is going to defeat our armed forces, our police, both state and federal, seize our legal system and government and hold the other 94 per cent of the Australian population hostage against their will?”.

As yet I have not had a single sane reasoned reply to this question.

I am left to assume that those who say Australia is being taken over by Muslims are just cowards who are terrified by an imaginary boogeyman threat largely created by the Right wing media.

They would give away our freedoms that so many brave Australians fought and died to protect.

There is something insidious taking over Australia, it’s called cowardice. We need to stop the rumours, fear and hate before we lose our country to the gutless wonders.  

Doug Steley, Heyfield


I have just read Ed Space by Julian O'Brien and while I realise he is a Tasmanian native and probably had little contact with the name,that is no excuse for misspelling the name of one of our greatest explorers Ludwig Leichhardt.

Four times he spelt the name with only one "h" instead of two.

Our grandchildren are just starting to enjoy reading newspapers but it does them no good to have to point out to me such obvious errors.

Keith Norrris, Bellambi

EDITOR’S REPLY: Humble apologies Keith.